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Freehand Doodle Fashion Curtain (Purple)

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Price with discount: $26.90
Sales price: $26.90
Sales price without tax: $26.90
Sales price: $26.90
product in stock SKU: 17825
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Curtains are the finishing touches when decorating your home. Curtains lower the general light level and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing directly into the room.

Curtains help to enhance the atmosphere and are great ways to add colour, texture and character to your interior spaces. Best of all, Curtains are also the most convenient and cost effective ways to change the decor of your interior space.

This curtain product set consist of Day Curtain and Night Curtain. They can be purchased either as a set or individually.

Fabric: Cotton Blend Fabric (night curtain); Terylene Fabric (day curtain)

Style: Modern style. This curtain can be used on an existing curtain rod or curtain track with Pencil Pleat heading.

Heading style: Pencil Pleat Heading. Also available Eyelet Heading.

Item Unit Price
MOQ Price
(10 Units/ 1000*2700cm)
Day Curtain SGD13.9 SGD139
Night Curtain SGD26.9 SGD239


Unit size: ONE meter (100 cm) width; TWO POINT SEVEN meter (270 cm) height;
which can cover an area of 2.7 square meter.

Min Order Quantity: 10 units, which is supposed to cover 27 square meter area.
Roughly the curtains will cover the windows for one living room and 2-3 bedrooms in a HDB apartment.



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