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Curtain Fabrics and Headings

When choosing a new pair of curtains for your home, you have a variety of things to think about – from colour and material to the type of lining. There are also different types of headings available. This refers to the top of the curtain and how it is attached to the pole or track. The heading you choose will affect how your curtains hang so it is important to understand the differences between each type.

Eyelet Heading

The eyelet heading allows you to hang the curtains directly on a curtain rod and is our most popular heading style. Eyelet Heading is a smart, classic way of hanging curtains on a window pole. No need for any tie backs or valances, a simple folded effect on a pole gives a very stylish finish.

Eyelet curtains are characterised by metal-edged holes running along the top edge of the panel. These curtains are simple to hang as a curtain pole can be run through the holes. This saves a lot of time as you don’t have to attach individual hooks to a track.

Unlike pleat curtains that are gathered at the top, the even-spacing of the metal holes means that eyelet curtains hang down in soft, loose folds. This is a more contemporary look and looks great in modern interiors. For a more decorative effect, opt for an ornate curtain pole and turn the top of your curtains into a design feature.

Pencil Pleat Heading

Pencil pleat is the traditional standard heading for curtains and valances. One of the most widely used and recognised curtain styles. Pencil pleats are a neat and elegant type of curtain heading. The name comes from the tightly packed folds at the top of the curtain that resemble a row of pencils.

This effect is achieved by adjusting the heading tape attached to the back of the curtain. This tape has three cords running through it that can be pulled to create the pleats. The fabric concertinas until the curtain is the desired width, then the cords are knotted to retain the look. The heading tape also has three rows of small pockets running along it. These can be used to adjust the height of the curtain when it’s hung.

Pencil pleats are the most popular choice of curtain heading, and can be used with either a track or a pole. As the pleats are achieved by pulling the cords, you can alter the look of your curtains by creating tighter or looser folds. The curtains can also be flattened out when they need cleaning.